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IMPORTANT: To cut down on unnecessary editing, paste your article in MS Word (or equivalent)and run a Spelling and Grammar check.

IMPORTANT: Unless arranged with Mike or Ben, all articles are exclusive to Last Word On Sports INC and may not be copied and pasted elsewhere. This long-standing policy is to protect our writers as well as our intellectual property. You may, however, use up to 100 words of your article as an excerpt with a hyperlink back to your original article at LWOS.

1. Login to site and find the "login" link in the top menu bar.

2. In your dashboard screen, choose "Posts" and "Add New". DO NOT use "Quick Post" option.

3. Add title, write article.

4. Categories - Check off the appropriate categories.

5. Tags - tags are keywords that are used to help locate an article. Include the sport, league and any players who are PROMINENTLY discussed in the article to a maximum of 8-10 tags in total. Separate with commas. Capitalize Leagues, teams and names:

Hockey, Detroit Red Wings, Pavel Datsyuk

6. SEO - Please read our wiki on how to complete SEO (Yoast Seo) here: [1]

7. If you are NOT finished and you mean to come back to complete your article later, just choose "In Progress" in the save area before clicking "save".

IN PROGRESS --- you are not finished the article and mean to return to complete it at a later time

PITCH --- the article is completely finsihed and is ready for an editor to review

NEED WRITER REVISION --- an editor has requested you to make a change(s) -- check Editorial Comments in the article for an explanation.