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Social media is incredibly important to the current and future success of LWOS. The articles shared on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are crucial for us to grow our brand and expose new readers to our work. Therefore, we must use it efficiently and proactively. Here you will find a brief guide to our site's policies:

Each LWOS writer is encouraged to include their Twitter handle in their profile signature, which will be used to promote your Twitter account (as well as the site's account) and grow your readership; therefore, it is very much a representation of our site. We ask for a certain level of professionalism with your account.

We strongly urge you to consider a Twitter handle that is consistent with most of our contributors. Three options include: @LWOS(name) --@(name)LWOS -- @LastWord(name). By doing so you will be strengthening your own position and developing your own niche at LWOS, and you will also be helping our brand reach more people.


· be expressive

· comment on other Twitter users' tweets

· retweet quality posts

· use #LWOS in your tweets

· follow all LWOS writers' accounts (found in our profile under "Lists")

Remember - not everything has to be LWOS or sports related.

Do Not:

· use homophobic, bigoted, racist or any hurtful language

· retweet others who use hurtful language

. post inappropriate images

Any content on your social media account that is racist, homophobic, bigoted, or otherwise hurtful or grossly offensive to others will hurt our brand's position. The normal course of action is to issue a warning, and if repeated, possible termination. If we deem the material to be so offensive as to jeopardize the site's health, we reserve the right to suspend your account with LWOS.

We also reserve the right to suspend your account with LWOS for behaviours that are not expressly forbidden by this policy. In other words, use common sense on social media and act as a professional writer.

We’re very open in our communication at LWOS, so please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have.