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There are some instances where a series of articles is more desirable than one very long one. Long articles not only lose readers, but are much harder on the eyes for mobile and tablet users, which comprise at least half of our readership. Here are the steps for publishing several articles simultaneously, or as a series over a period of days/weeks.

Publishing Multiple Articles Simultaneously

1. Look at the permalinks (at the top of your WordPress Editor) of each article in the series after Part One. You will need to repeat these steps for each of them to be linked the page before. That is, you will go to part two to get the link to put in part one. You will go to part three to put the link in part two.

2. Go to part one and highlight the "Click Here for Part 2" that you write at the bottom of your article.

3. In your options at the top there will be a little link icon at the top. click it.

4. Paste the permalink from part two (you will see this at the top of part two page).

5. Repeat

Linking Articles in a Series

1. Go to any past article that you want linked and copy the URL of the article.

2. Go into the new article you are writing and give the linked article a title (does not have to be original title -- it can be a word or words describing the subject)

3. Highlight the title/words for linked article

4. At the top you will see a little link icon. Click it.

5. Paste the URL of the linked article. Click "save".

6. Done!