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Here are the following rules you are agreeing to when representing Last Word On Sports INC as a member of the press:

1. You will post an article within 24 hours of the event, even if it is only a news-syle article with a more detailed analytical one to follow.

2. Show no bias. Do not cheer, celebrate, or anything that makes you look like a fan first. You are there as a professional. No cheering in the press box.

3. Do not ask for autographs or for pictures to be taken WITH players or other team representatives unless it is for a specific purpose as part of the article. Pictures of players is acceptable as long as you are not in the picture.

4. Dress professionally in business casual attire. No Jeans. Wear a collared shirt. Do not wear anything with a team logo or other fan gear.

5. Speak respectfully with the PR Staff, security staff, and fellow reporters. Casual conversation is encouraged and is very good for networking, but keep in mind that you are there to do a job as are they. Don't interfere with their ability to do their job.

6. Be prepared. Bring a laptop and a recording device for interviews. Bringing a camera is optional.

7. Be aware of your surroundings. Some areas will be off limits to certain activities. For instance, if it says that you should not be taking video in the press box, don't take video in the press box. Adhere to the zones listed on your pass. Also, when representing LWOS, do not watch games from the stands.

8. The locker room has its own etiquette rules. The locker room is a player’s home away from home. They have a routine and they call the shots when the media enters. Some players don’t talk to the media until they have showered and dressed. Others will talk to the media while they wear nothing but a towel. Some players (often the stars) speak at a podium in the press auditorium so asking those players questions in the locker room is severely frowned upon by players, media members, and PR staff alike. Knowing these things comes from experience and asking veteran reporters what players' routines are could prove valuable.

Failure to comply with our rules will result in being prevented from representing LWOS at future events as part of the media.