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Managing Editors WIKI

Last Word On Sports INC has appointed managing editors for each site within the LWOS Network. These managing editors shall be responsible for:







LWOS has set up all articles to post to our official Facebook and Twitter accounts representing each our sites. However, this should NOT be considered in the managing editors' duties regarding "promotion".

It is imperative for the managing editors to develop other avenues for promoting material. Failure to do so will severely limit traffic, prevent growth in Google/search authority, and ultimately negatively impact monetization efforts. Having a presence in multiple areas is crucial and is one of the most important duties. The managing editor should encourage active participation from all writers and editors.

You will want to assure that articles are being shared to the following platforms:

- Facebook groups and pages

- Message boards

- Reddit

- StumbleUpon, FlipBoard, Voat, LinkedIn

Abiding by the rules of each of these areas is imperative! You have to have an understanding of how they work so that you can help with delivering a "best practices" to your writers/editors.


Communication is carried out in several ways:

1. Facebook department group --- the department group is used for announcements from the managing editors, or re-broadcasts of announcments from LWOS executive via LWOS Writers or LWOS Managing Editors groups.

2. Facebook Messenger chats --- many departments have their own social chat via Facebook Messenger. While these are off-topic conversations, they still need to abide by the rules of our site regarding conduct, and it is up to the managing editor to assure that is the case (with help from editors).

3. Editorial Comments --- it is a great practice to give regular editorial comments when possible, not only for things that need to be addressed/worked on, but positive points as well.


- maintaining (can be delegated) the department Twitter account that is used for engaging followers, promoting material

- maintaining the department Facebook page to provide added value to our readers

Recruiting and Database

Adding Writers

Follow the process outlined in our brief tutorial video here [1]

Hibernating Writers

There is never a need to delete an account UNLESS you've made one accidentally or have misspelled a name. There are two reasons you will instead "hibernate" an account:

1. A writer has decided to leave. Our policy is that once a writer has written for us, we will not remove their authorship.

2. A writer has become inactive -- more than three weeks in off-season or two weeks in-season. Be sure to issue a warning first.

To hibernate, either follow the instructions on this short video tutorial here [2] or use the written instructions below:

a. Find their name in USERS in Dashboard

b. Click EDIT

c. Change their privileges from "Contributor" to "Subscriber"

d. Click "SAVE"

If you ever need to re-activate, just follow the same path and change them back to Contributor.


Contributors -- the bulk of your writers. They cannot publish, add pictures, add SNAP.

Authors -- writers who consistently show proper SEO and can follow procedure. They cannot publish, but can add their own picture.

Editors -- have all permissions regarding publishing and editing articles.


Managing Editors are ultimately responsible for assuring content is moved from through the editorial process, from Draft to Publish. However, the bulk of the work should be carried out by editors, not managing editors. It is important to establish good communication within the group of editors.

      • For sites that are a part of "Google News", it is extremely important to understand and abide by the rules outlined by Google. Please watch and re-watch this video as needed [3]