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Getting to Know our Writing Process Vocabulary

"Pitch" means they have completed the article and are ready for your editing.

"In Progress" denotes that they are not yet finished, and articles here should be left alone.

"Need Writer Revision" An article has been pitched and an editor has requested that a writer make a revision.

"Stubs" Articles that are written in advance of an event like a player trade, the outcome of a match, an expected announcement, etc.

Steps to publishing:

- Read the article in its entirety aloud

- Make any necessary spelling and/or grammatical corrections.

- Check the Tags the writer used. They should include sports, league, team name, players' names. Do not have more than 10.


- Check the SEO section. Start with Keywords. There should be 2-4 keywords. These are words or phrases that are the main words in the writer's topic choice. Keep in mind that we can only use the same keywords twice, so instead of just choosing a team name or player name, add another word or two to make it more specific. "Steelers Super Bowl trophies" is better than Pittsburgh Steelers because the latter is not specific enough. Be sure that whatever keywords you choose appear in the Snippet Preview and in the title.

The Snippet Preview is a one or two sentence summary of what the article is about.

The Excerpt is a section directly under SEO. It can be the exact same as the Snippet Preview--just copy and paste. If you can't find Excerpt, at the top of the page you will see Screen Options. Just enable Excerpt there.


- check appropriate Categories but only the ones that are applicable. Remember, checking off several categories (aside from parent-child such as NBA-Toronto Raptors...which is fine) will place your article in more than one place on the page. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but be cognizant that too many isn't always a good thing.

You will most likely have a News category as well. This, obviously, is for news reports. Injuries, contracts, hirings/firings, rumours, are all good examples of news items.

As mentioned, but sure you check both parent and child. For instance, check Detroit Red Wings AND Atlantic. For an Arsenal article, check Arsenal AND Premier Leauge.

Think of it this way: the categories you select will determine where on your dept page the article will go. I have set up your sites to match categories, so you can always look on your dept page and choose the section you want the article to be displayed on.

Featured Image

GETTY (preferred method)

1) Find the site. In Canada it is, in US it's but it may be or .eu

2) Search by player's name or team name. Make sure you click that you want it to search both "creative images" and "editorial images" in the click boxes, but not videos. This will greatly improve results. To get most recent results search by first name and last name.

3) To save the image:

- click "slide show"

- drag the FIRST thumbnail to the right of the main picture (they should be the same image) onto desktop or into a new browser tab

- right click and save the image

4) To give photo credit:

- in Getty, click </> on the picture you just saved

- copy the code

- go back to your article

- you will see "Visual" and "Text" in the upper right of the article's editing screen. You will need to be in TEXT view when you paste code

- go to the bottom of the article and type "Main Photo"

- on the line below, paste the HTML that you copied from Getty

5) Click "featured image" and upload the pic.


1) Find the site. In Canada it is, in US it's but it may be or .eu in Europe.

2) The main screen has a Search box in the centre of the screen. Under the Search box, click “Select Media Type.”

3) Make sure you tick the boxes for both "creative " and "editorial,” but not videos. Only tick the box for “Royalty-Free (RF) under “Creative”. This will greatly increase the number of results, as well as the currency of results.

4) In the search box, type the player's name or team name (player's name is usually better). To get most recent results, search by first name and last name.

5) Choose the image you want to use.

6) There is an icon below the image that looks like this </> (the middle icon in the example below). Click on it and some HTML Code comes up. Copy that HTML Code

7) You will see a tick box that says "Show image preview.” Ensure the box is ticked so you see the image on the screen.

9) Go back to LWOS and the post you are editing. When you are editing the post you can toggle view from "Visual" to "Text" and back with boxes that are in the top right corner of the wordpress editor. You need to be in text mode (this is critical). Go to the bottom of the article and type "Main Photo". On the line below paste the HTML that you copied from Getty.

10) The site will automatically adjust the size for you, but keep in mind it will become 16X9. If the image is not even close to that, just use your photo editing software (we like Photoscape--it's free!) to adjust size.

PHOTOPIN (if nothing on Getty, OR for Pro Wrestling and NBA)

Picture must be published under creative commons license… use and search ie “Tom Brady”, or Wikipedia, or search on google ie… “Tom Brady Creative Commons”

Include the Main Photo Credit at the bottom of the article - Photopin will give you the exact code when you download, you just need to copy and paste into the article at the very bottom in "text" view

Pictures must be roughly 3:2 - try downloading "Photoscape" - it's free, VERY easy to use - just go to Editor, insert picture and crop or resize accordingly. Save it. Upload right in article. Simple!

Oftentimes we already have a selection of appropriately sized pictures. Just go to "insert media", search for the person/team, as long as it's a good size, hit "insert" If you don’t understand what “Creative Commons”, please ask