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LWOS Coordinators play an important role in the success of their department. Writers have the potential to join one of two sub-groups within their departments. This added responsibility will be rewarded in the form of a favourable pay rate compared to contributors. Managing editors will oversee these two groups to offer guidance to the coordinators as well as to assure duties are fulfilled accordingly.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators play a very important role in building our branding via social media platforms. Each coordinator will be assigned to one official social media account to run. Possibilities include the department Twitter account, an official Facebook page, an unofficial Facebook page, or a Facebook group.

Twitter --- no fewer than three tweets per day and one must be focused on engagement (a poll or a question that prompts responses). Twitter coordinators must also respond to interactions on the account.

Facebook page --- must create engaging content daily that ultimately will lead to interaction. The coordinators must reply to messages and responses to the content. There should be at least two posts per day.

Circulation Coordinator

Circulation coordinators can sign-up to contribute to an approved message board, Reddit, Google +, or explore one of Flipboard or Flipboard.

Reddit --- no fewer than two posts per week of LWOS material in addition to one's own. It is vital that the coordinator is following Reddit Best Practices as well as LWOS guidelines so that the site is being used as intended, NOT as a place to spam. It will be important that the coordinator is regular participating in several sub-Reddits with commenting and posting non-LWOS material.

Message Board --- all message boards are a little different. The coordinator will have to learn and abide by all rules set forth by message board moderators. The message board must be approved by the managing editor as a viable place for promoting LWOS content. No fewer than two posts must be made weekly in addition to regular participation on the board.